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    Data Warehousing

    A business-oriented and technologically-sophisticated data warehouse can provide your company with the right information at the right time for operational, tactical and strategic decision-making. Our datawarehousing services focus on building data stores using varied architectures depending on specific needs of our clients. To facilitate data retrieval for analytical processing, we use a special database design techniques.

    ETTL—Extracting, Transferring, Transforming, and Loading Data

    Adoresoft’s consultants have expertise across Extract, Transform & Load (ETL) tools that are effectively used to extract and unite data from disparate sources and deliver meaningful and actionable business intelligence across the organization. 

    ETL Process Management
    Adoresoft handles the entire data movement lifecycle – from source systems, staging area to the data warehouse and to the final data mart. Some of the ETL processes handled by Adoresoft are:

    • Defining the data sources and relevant mapping
    • Updating mapping specifications with meta data
    • Updating monitoring and responsibility processes on source data changes
    • Ensuring accurate and efficient ETL process in production
    • Performance tuning, error handling and independent scheduling

    Business Intelligence
    Business Intelligence is synonymous to Data Warehouse. Having the perfect Data warehouse is a challenge and using it effectively is a different ball game. Business Intelligence helps businesses make wise decisions. Here are few key areas where Adoresoft’s business intelligence offering  in conjunction with a data warehouse can deliver powerful tools and reports.

    Quotation Processing

    • Quotation success rates per sales area
    • Quotation tracking per sales area
    • General quotation information per sales area

    Order Processing

    • Monthly incoming orders and revenue
    • Sales values
    • Billing documents
    • Order, delivery, and sales quantities
    • Fulfillment rates
    • Credit memos
    • Proportion of returns to incoming orders
    • Returns per customer
    • Quantity and values of returns
    • Product analysis
    • Product profitability analysis


    • Delivery delays per sales area
    • Average delivery processing times

    Analyses and Comparisons

    • Sales/cost analysis
    • Top customers
    • Distribution channel analysis
    • Product profitability analysis
    • Weekly deliveries
    • Monthly deliveries
    • Incoming orders analysis
    • Sales figures comparison
    • Returns per customer
    • Product analysis
    • Monthly incoming orders and revenue

    Administrative and Management Functions

    • Cost center: plan/actual/variance
    • Cost center: responsible for orders, projects, and networks
    • Order reports
    • WBS Element: plan/actual/variance
    • Cost center: plan/actual/variance
    • Cost center: hit list of actual variances
    • Cost center: actual costs per quarter
    • Cost center: capacity-related headcount

    We are a well known resource partner for several fortune 500 clients. Our resources are well versed with various data warehouse and business Intelligence methodologies. We can create the right data architecture to serve complex business needs. Our data warehouse solutions are designed keeping scalability, adaptability, usability and maintainability in perspective.

    Our team ensures that business requirements are uncovered, a proper architecture is created, and the development and implementation of a data warehouse is driven to completion on time and within budget. Key features of the methodology are that it takes a business-driven approach, strategy and roadmap, iterations through successive phases to deliver business value every 90-120 days while building upon previous iterations, and providing knowledge transfer throughout the process.

    Adoresoft resources specialize in Cognos, Informatica, Business Objects, Brio, MicroStrategy, Ab Initio and Teradata.