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    Companies use Six Sigma to set performance goals for the entire organization and mobilize teams and individuals to achieve dramatic improvements in existing processes. More specifically, Six Sigma can:

    • Make processes rigorous
    • Cultivate customer loyalty by delivering superior value
    • Strengthen and reward teamwork
    • Accustom managers to operating in a fast-moving internal business environment
    • Achieve leaps in product performance;
    • Reduce variation in service processes
    • Improve financial performance, through cost savings from projects

    One of the issues faced by many IT organizations is the fact that management often views IT simply as a cost center -- a necessary evil that they would really prefer to do without. Or maybe outsource as soon as possible. This is a short-sighted point of view. Six Sigma often leads to a more enlightened conversation about the value of IT.

    In our experience, Six Sigma helps customers achieve operational speed, quality, cost reduction and customer satisfaction in the delivery of products and services – a key ingredient to achieve high performance and sustain competitive advantage.  We help clients address strategic priorities and transform operations by removing waste and driving high-quality business processes through integration of proven improvement methodologies of Six Sigma.

    Process improvement is critical to the success of any organization in today’s markets. It is vital for organizations to correctly identify the process which needs an improvement initiative.  The process improvement steps involve identification of key performance indicators, aligning ERP systems to KPIs, identifying performance targets, development of performance plans and benchmarking.

    At Adoresoft, We encourage our associates to educate and keep up to date with the process improvement initiatives as they relate to ERP and CRM implementations. We also foster knowledge of quality management standards and certification and have several quality assurance testers and analysts who are specialized in several proven quality methodologies including Six Sigma.

    Please contact us for more information on process improvements using Six Sigma for your projects.